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Have you purchased wine recently? The choices are overwhelming. Aside from Italy, I feel confident that I know what I’m doing. Italy = thousands of varietals = opportunity cost. Recently, I even understand the subtle cellar jokes between syndicated conversations between Niles and Frasier. I feel that I have come full circle.

Yet, this evening I’m enjoying a grape known as Torrontés from Argentina - or rather, not known. This humble bottle has depth, elegance and the complexity of a wine that one may pay a hefty price for if it were to be produced in Napa or Sonoma. I have never even heard of it until this evening, but it makes me wonder what else is out there waiting to be explored?

I view wine as a an art form. Terroir (dirt), winemaker, vine age, the complexity of wood - a myriad of factors harmonize in the world’s most refined vineyards. Yet, I feel that there are still infinite grapes and regions to be explored (sans Italy). When I read that vintners are experimenting with a native Spanish grape (tempranillo) in Oregon, its is simply too intriguing to ignore. This is now becoming the norm and I must be involved.

In short - I will continue to be an “Eager Explorer” - as is the name of the room for my daughter’s pre-toddler day care class. Wine is, and always should be an adventure for the pallete - I try to never indulge in the same wine to often, for me, the definition of a connoisseur is someone who will never shy away from evaluating the most intriguing offering from around the world. Because the world has Torrontés from Argentina and Torrontés from Argentina is very enjoyable.

Tumbling into Social Media

Is social media now ruling the world, our lives our careers? I think so. Is it bad? Is it necessary? Occasionally my mind wonders thinking about the social importance of social media. When I see it used for marketing I see a functional use, but what really is the point? But, when I see it used to advance the culture of Egypt I see a bigger picture and I see not only the need but the vital importance to not only our lives but our existence as an interwoven society.

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